Make sure you familiarize yourself with the following important concepts of our API:
Prices and Quantities, Products and Articles, Sync Markers
After taking the time to understand these concepts, you will much better understand the basics of our API.

Question: I am trying to make an API call but I keep getting the message: Service is currently unable to connect to database. Please try again later. How do I solve this?

Answer: The API retrieves its data from the POS (Point-of-Sale) database. Not every database is installed on a hosted database server, some are installed locally on the POS system in the store. In this case the POS user will sometimes turn off the POS system at the end of their day. The database will be unavailable until the system is booted up again, meaning the API cannot connect to the database during that time.

If your application requires a database that is always available, please contact the reseller of the POS system and ask them if the database can be moved to a hosted database server. Side note: This might not always be an available option, depending on circumstances.