Added in MplusKASSA v16.2.0

Explanation of the event

When enabled, the backgroundPoll event occurs continously as long as the software is running. Whenever you reply to the event, your response is processed and a new request is started immediately thereafter. This event is always blocking and polling.

Because of the backgrounded and long-polling nature of this event, you do not receive information about the current session in the event payload, since the user may be changing the current session while the event’s long-polling request is running. In fact, the backgroundPoll call is even running in the main menu, while the POS screen is closed.

There is a also a limited selection of possible responses you may reply with. The following replies are currently supported:

Example of the event




In this example, the POS is notified of an external card scan. When applicable, this triggers the information to be displayed in the POS and on the customer display.