Explanation of the event

The kitchenServeCourse event occurs whenever someone from the waiting staff serves a previously completed course to the guest.

Part of the Kitchen Food Preparation flow

The kitchenServeCourse event is step one in a three-step flow that involves the following events:
(1) kitchenStartCourse, (2) kitchenCompleteCourse and (3) kitchenServeCourse.

kitchenServeCourse A course was served


tableOrder.orderId uuid The table order’s UUID.
tableOrder.year uuid The table order’s year.
tableOrder.number uuid The table order’s number.
table.number bigint (optional) The table number of the order.
table.subNumber bigint (optional) The table sub number of the order.
course.courseNumber int The course’s number. string The course’s full name.
course.abbreviation string The course’s abbreviation.
course.sequenceNumber string The course’s ordering in the full list of courses.