Explanation of the event

The addSessionLine event occurs whenever a new article line is added to the current session.

addSessionLine A new article is added

This event occurs when article number 1 is added.

Property Type Explanation
addSessionLine.line.lineId uuid The new line’s UUID.
addSessionLine.line.articleNumber bigint The new line’s MplusKASSA article number.
addSessionLine.line.priceIncl number The new line’s price including VAT.
addSessionLine.line.quantity number The new line’s quantity of items.
addSessionLine.line.text string The new line’s textual description.

You can apply an external discount to the line that was just added or to any other line that is present in the session.

Property Type Explanation
lineChanges.lineId uuid The UUID of the session line that you want to change.
lineChanges.externalDiscount.discountId uuid This is a UUID you
generate and store to remember that you applied this discount.
lineChanges.externalDiscount.discountPercentage number The discount percentage that you want to apply to the line.
lineChanges.externalDiscount.discountDescription text A descriptive label for the discount.