List of API calls

Here u find the list of available API calls and what there are used for. You can find the implementation details of these calls folowing the documentation URL link on your partner page.


  • getProducts Used to retrieve multiple products
  • createProduct Creates a product
  • updateProduct Updates a product
  • getArticleGroups Gets the list of articlegroups
  • saveArticleGroups Update the articlegroups
  • getPriceGroupList Gets the list of pricegroups
  • getSalesPriceList Gets the list of salesprices


  • getEmployees Used to retrieve multiple employees
  • getEmployee Used to get an employee
  • findEmployee Used to find an employee
  • createEmployee Creates a new employee
  • updateEmployee Updates a existing employee
  • getActiveEmployeeList
  • getShifts Retrieve shifts (working hours)


  • getRelations Used to retrieve multiple relations
  • getRelation Used to retrieve a relation
  • findRelation Used to find a relation
  • createRelation Create a relation
  • updateRelation Updates a relation
  • adjustPoints Adjust points of a relation


  • getAvailableTerminalList Used to retrieve a list of available terminals
  • registerTerminal Registering as a terminal
  • getTableOrder Getting a table order
  • findTableOrder Used to find a table order
  • saveTableOrderV2 Used for saving and updating a table order
  • payTableOrderV2 Paying a table order
  • prepayTableOrderV2 Add payment to a table (This keeps the table open)
  • cancelTableOrder Used for canceling a table order
  • releaseTable
  • moveTableOrderV2
  • requestTableOrderCourse
  • getMaxTableNumber


  • getOrders Retrieve orders
  • getOrder Getting an existing order by orderId
  • createOrder Creating a new order
  • findOrder Getting an existing order by extOrderId
  • updateOrder Updating an existing order
  • cancelOrder Cancelling an order
  • payOrder Paying an order
  • deliverOrder Delivering an order
  • getDeliveryMethods Get a list of available delivery methods
  • getOrderCategories Get a list of available order categories
  • queueBranchOrder
  • getOrderChanges


  • getInvoices Used to retrieve multiple invoices
  • getInvoice Used to retrieve a invoice
  • findInvoice Used to find a relation
  • saveInvoice Used for saving and updating an invoice
  • payInvoice Used to send a payment to the invoice
  • cancelInvoice Used to cancel a invoice


  • getPurchaseDeliveries Used to retrieve a list of purchase deliveries
  • savePurchaseDelivery Used for saving and updating a purchase deliveries
  • getPurchaseOrders Used to retrieve a list of purchase orders
  • savePurchaseOrder Used for saving and updating a purchase orders


  • getStock
  • getStockHistoryV2
  • updateStock
  • setStock

Financial data

  • getFinancialJournal
  • getFinancialJournalByCashCount
  • getReceipts
  • getReceiptsByCashCountDetailSource
  • getReceiptsByOrder
  • getCashCountList


  • getAvailablePaymentMethods Gets a list of the available payment methods for a workstation
  • getPaymentMethodsV2 Gets a list of all payment methods


  • sendMessage Used to send a message to a POS terminal


  • printReceipt
  • printTableReceipt


  • getTurnoverGroups Gets a list of turnovergroups
  • updateTurnoverGroups Update a turnovergroup


  • getApiVersion Gets version information of the API and its connected database
  • getBranches Gets a list of branches
  • getAllergens Gets a list of possible allergens
  • getCurrentSyncMarkers Gets the current syncmarkers
  • getVatGroupList Gets the vat groups