List of API calls

Here you find an incomplete list of available API calls and what they are used for. A full list can be found here: WSDL documentation


  • getProducts Used to retrieve multiple products
  • createProduct Creates a product
  • updateProduct Updates a product
  • getArticleGroups Gets the list of articlegroups
  • saveArticleGroups Update the articlegroups
  • getPriceGroupList Gets the list of pricegroups
  • getSalesPriceList Gets the list of salesprices


  • getEmployees Used to retrieve multiple employees
  • getEmployee Used to get an employee
  • findEmployee Used to find an employee
  • createEmployee Creates a new employee
  • updateEmployee Updates a existing employee
  • getActiveEmployeeList
  • getShifts Retrieve shifts (working hours)


  • getRelations Used to retrieve multiple relations
  • getRelation Used to retrieve a relation
  • findRelation Used to find a relation
  • createRelation Create a relation
  • updateRelation Updates a relation
  • adjustPoints Adjust points of a relation


  • getAvailableTerminalList Used to retrieve a list of available terminals
  • registerTerminal Registering as a terminal
  • getTableOrder Getting a table order
  • findTableOrder Used to find a table order
  • saveTableOrderV2 Used for saving and updating a table order
  • payTableOrderV2 Paying a table order
  • prepayTableOrderV2 Add payment to a table (This keeps the table open)
  • cancelTableOrder Used for canceling a table order
  • releaseTable
  • moveTableOrderV2
  • requestTableOrderCourse
  • getMaxTableNumber


  • getOrders Retrieve orders
  • getOrder Getting an existing order by orderId
  • createOrder Creating a new order
  • findOrder Getting an existing order by extOrderId
  • updateOrder Updating an existing order
  • cancelOrder Cancelling an order
  • payOrder Paying an order
  • deliverOrder Delivering an order
  • getDeliveryMethods Get a list of available delivery methods
  • getOrderCategories Get a list of available order categories
  • queueBranchOrder
  • getOrderChanges


  • getInvoices Used to retrieve multiple invoices
  • getInvoice Used to retrieve a invoice
  • findInvoice Used to find a relation
  • saveInvoice Used for saving and updating an invoice
  • payInvoice Used to send a payment to the invoice
  • cancelInvoice Used to cancel a invoice


  • getPurchaseDeliveries Used to retrieve a list of purchase deliveries
  • savePurchaseDelivery Used for saving and updating a purchase deliveries
  • getPurchaseOrders Used to retrieve a list of purchase orders
  • savePurchaseOrder Used for saving and updating a purchase orders


  • getStock
  • getStockHistoryV2
  • updateStock
  • setStock

Financial data

  • getFinancialJournal
  • getFinancialJournalByCashCount
  • getReceipts
  • getReceiptsByCashCountDetailSource
  • getReceiptsByOrder
  • getCashCountList


  • getAvailablePaymentMethods Gets a list of the available payment methods for a workstation
  • getPaymentMethodsV2 Gets a list of all payment methods


  • sendMessage Used to send a message to a POS terminal


  • printReceipt
  • printTableReceipt


  • getTurnoverGroups Gets a list of turnovergroups
  • updateTurnoverGroups Update a turnovergroup


  • getApiVersion Gets version information of the API and its connected database
  • getBranches Gets a list of branches
  • getAllergens Gets a list of possible allergens
  • getCurrentSyncMarkers Gets the current syncmarkers
  • getVatGroupList Gets the vat groups


  • getGiftcard – Can be used to get de details of a specific giftcard
  • getGiftcards – Can be used to get a list of multiple giftcards
  • getGiftcardHistory – Can be used to get de history of a specific giftcard
  • getGiftcardTypes – Can be used to get a list of the giftcard types
  • checkGiftcardPayment– Can be used to verify a giftcard payment
  • createGiftcard – Allows the creation of a new giftcard
  • getRelationGiftcards – Get a list of the giftcards issued to the requested relation
  • registerGiftcardPayment – Can be used to preform a external giftcard payment
  • reloadGiftcard – Can be used to add funds to an existing giftcard
  • restituteGiftcards – Can be used to restitute the remaining balance