Besides the MplusKASSA API, there is another method to extend the MplusKASSA software with additional functionality. We have dubbed this system Webhooks. Using this system, you can create a web-based application that reacts to various events occuring in our software. You can use this to do things like applying vouchers, registering ticket sales or triggering other actions.

In this section you will find a technical explanation of this system and request and response examples for all the different events that are supported by Webhooks.

When you are ready to start development, you can use our Webhook Tester to simulate the way our software will send requests to your endpoint URL.

Download the latest version of the MplusKASSA Webhook Tester here:
Download MplusKASSA Webhook Tester 1.15.0 (Released on 2018-08-27) Release notes

Explanation of the system

Avaialable Webhooks with samples

  • startSession – A new session is started.
  • scanCode – A code is scanned.
  • addSessionLine – A line is added to the session.
  • removeSessionLine – A line is removed from the session.
  • pauseSession – The session is moved to a queue, table or other kind of background status.
  • resumeSession – The session is restored from a queue, table or other kind of background status.
  • startPayment – Payment is about to take place.
  • cancelPayment – Payment has been canceled.
  • mergeSession – The session has been merged with another session. This session will not be used again.
  • cancelSession – The session has been cancelled. This session will not be used again.
  • completeSession – The session has been paid and completed. This session will not be used again. But the same session ID may return when the session is credited.
  • creditSession – The session has been credited. This session will not be used again.
  • customAction – A custom action button has been clicked. Use this to perform custom actions on demand.