Added in MplusKASSA v11.3.0

Explanation of the event

The startExternalPayment event occurs whenever a external payment method is selected as a payment option.

Part of the External Payment flow

The startExternalPayment event is step one in a multi-step flow that involves the following events: (1) startExternalPayment, (2) pollExternalPayment, (3) requestCancelExternalPayment and (4) cancelExternalPayment.

startExternalPayment A new external payment was started


Property Type Explanation
externalPayment.amount number The amount that has to be paid
externalPayment.externalPaymentId uuid Each external payment receives a new id.
externalPayment.method string The name of the payment method that was configured to trigger the webhook.


Property Type Explanation
externalPayment.started boolean The external payment was started