Make sure you familiarize yourself with the following important concepts of our API:
Prices and Quantities, Products and Articles, Sync Markers
After taking the time to understand these concepts, you will much better understand the basics of our API.

All tutorials assume usage of the PHP client library.

Connecting and authenticating

Every request to the API requires the proper credentials and other connection details. Visit the PHP client library page to learn how to connect and authenticate to the API. Visit your Partner page to find your specific credentials and connection details


Learn how to retrieve employee information.

Financial Data

Learn how to retrieve financial data from a variety of sources.


Learn how to find, create, update and retrieve invoices.


Learn how to send notification messages to the cash register’s screen.


Learn how to create, update, retrieve, cancel, pay and deliver orders.


Learn the basics on products and articles here.


Learn how to retrieve receipts.


Learn how to find, create, update and retrieve relations.


Learn how to retrieve the available stock of products and update it.

Pricing Rules

Learn about the different ways to retrieve pricing rules.

Sync Markers

Learn how to use sync markers to create effective synchronization procedures for products, invoices, receipts and more.