Financial data

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the following important concepts of our API:
Prices and Quantities, Products and Articles, Sync Markers
After taking the time to understand these concepts, you will much better understand the basics of our API.


Using these API functions, you can request a wide variety of financial data for use in external reporting and financial administration software.


Financial Journal

A financial journal contains a summarized overview of financial data grouped by financial group over a specific period.

Let’s say we want to request a full financial journal for the month of January 2015. The following example code will do this:

If successful, the variable $financial_journal which we set in the example can have the following contents:

financialGroupType can have the following values:

    Dutch: omzetgroepen
    Dutch: uitbetalingen
    Dutch: tussenrekeningen
    Dutch: kassa ingave
    Dutch: kassa uitgave
    Dutch: breuk/promotie/eigen gebruik

financialGroupSource can have the following values:

    Dutch: verkoopfacturen
    Dutch: kassabonnen
    Dutch: verkooporders

!! Note !!

getFinancialJournal only returns turnovergroups and it’s data.
Payment methods and associated data can be retrieved with the getJournals call.


Retrieves the financial journals including assigned ledger numbers for the payment methods.

JournalFilter can have the following values:

    Dutch: kassabonnen
    Dutch: facturen
    Dutch: verkooporders

Cash Count List

Let’s say we want to retrieve all cash counts made in the month of February, 2015.

If successful, the variable $cash_counts which we set in the example can have the following contents:

startAmount is the amount of money we started out with at the beginning of this period.
addedAmount is the amount of money that was added throughout the period.
countedAmount is the amount of money that was counted at the end of this period.
depositedAmount is the amount of money that was deposited to a different account.
differenceAmount is the difference between countedAmount and what should have been the final amount according to the recorded transactions ( startAmount + addedAmount).

Financial Journal by Cash Count

This function can be used to request a financial journal based on the time period of an existing cash count.

Processing this financial journal is identical to processing a financial journal that came in through getFinancialJournal.