Added in MplusKASSA v11.3.0

Explanation of the event

The customAction event occurs whenever one of the custom action buttons is clicked.

customAction Custom action button was clicked


Configuration of the customAction webhook

In order to us the customAction you need to create a custom action button in the userinterface of the cashregister for the employee to use.
This can be done by following the steps below.

- Open the MplusKASSA backoffice
– Go to management
– Go to the menu item Cash register
- Make sure you got the tab Screen layout active
- Select the layout where you want to add the customAction button to
– Press edit
- Select and empty space in the layout and in the list of available functions select the option webhookCustomAction
- Now you can give the button a name and a customActionId
Note: This id can be anything you want this is what will be send to you in the custom action webhook data to identify if your custom action was pressed.